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Our Ecosystem in the Making

ShapeX is a Decentralized Autonomous Ecosystem of entities providing goods and services that bridge the Metaverse and physical world. We are a dynamic idea validator and resource allocator. Our framework powers businesses on our blockchain-based system that enables our community to coordinate and govern the platform.

Assessing Opportunities

The first step for entrepreneurs to join ShapeX is to request acceleration and/or funding for their project. The ShapeX team will then assess the opportunity, and if the idea is validated, funding and a dedicate team will be allocated to grow and scale the project.

3x3 = 1

ShapeX currently powers three projects that consolidate three complimentary markets into a single business opportunity, represented by our NFT collection.

MetAds, a subsidiary of ShapeX, will directly acquire digital land in various Metaverses including Sandbox, Decentraland as well as other decentralized platforms. The space will be primarily used for advertising purposes and generate a substantial return from our strategic partnerships that hope to reach new audiences in the virtual world.

Mintouge was incubated by ShapeX and positioned as a luxury marketplace that provides NFT owners with the opportunity to monetize their digital assets by converting them into merchandise. The collections will be made available for digital avatars across multiple Metaverses and in physical versions shipped globally. This will generate passive income for stakers and give power to the end user, who will become an owner rather than the product of an industry traditionally run by few. Additionally, the artists will be supported by receiving income from secondary market sales as well. This process will also open doors to decentralising the fashion industry, and help build something meaningful through a redistribution of wealth and ownership. Furthermore, all the purchases and income earned by our community will be captured by our native Token.

Freemocracy gives everyone the power to rate their government and express their opinion on fact checked news.

Every NFT holder will have access to our platform where they will be able to rate their government based on news published by fact-checked sources. Our insights will be shared with the press and media to provide people with transparency and a voice on public affairs.

Every NFT holder will have access to our platform where they will be able to rate their governments based on the news published by fact-checked newspapers. Our daily results will be shared with press and media to provide everyone with a clear and transparent view on public opinion in regards to public issues. 

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