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Our Technology

As the metaverses landscape has evolved, most projects now have user-created metaverses with opportunities to earn.

We have the infrastructure, expertise, and team in place to expand our ecosystem — supporting interoperability innovations in the Metaverse.


We are building a Metaverse in the form of a shopping mall where our partners will have the opportunity to open boutiques and promote their products. Imagine Shopify as a virtual experience. 

We also partner with exclusive Metaverse projects like MetaCity and Stageverse to bring our bold ambitions to life. 


All early-stage businesses require capital, typically in exchange
for equity. However, recently NFTs have presented an alternative equity model. By fundraising through a non-fungible token, start-ups and small businesses are able to access capital without heavy dilution. Additionally, the price of an NFT can be as low as $100, allowing a much larger market of retail investors to invest in early-stage companies.


Our tech team is committed to deliver the best experience for our clients by developing algorithms that connect Physical and Real world to decentralise wealth and power. We own 2 proprietary algorithms to run advertising campaigns in the Metaverse and to determine the value of NFTs and all their derivatives.


Token based memberships are typically fully permissionless and commonly used to govern broad decentralized protocols and/or tokens themselves. Depending on the token used, it can usually be traded permissionless on a decentralized exchange. In other iterations, the tokens must be earned through providing liquidity as
 ́proof-of-stake ́ or by ‘proof-of-work’. In any case, just by purely holding the token one has access to voting.

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