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Our mission is to empower startups in AI, Blockchain, Fintech, Commerce, and SAAS, providing strategic guidance and capital. We operate on transparency, leveraging blockchain for fair investments. Focused on the future, we prioritize sustainable growth, aligning with evolving global trends. ShapeX isn't just an investment fund, but a platform for innovation and progress. 


We champion groundbreaking ideas in AI, Blockchain, Fintech, Commerce, and SAAS, and support the daring visionaries behind them.


We empower promising startups with capital, strategic guidance, and access to our extensive network, promoting their growth journey from ideation to full-fledged prototypes.


Leveraging blockchain's inherent transparency, we ensure fairness and openness in our investment process, fostering trust among our investors and portfolio companies.


We prioritize long-term, sustainable growth over short-term gains, aligning our investment strategies with the evolving global and technological landscape to foster enduring success.


Our team and community are passionate about making radical change in the world by consciously allocating capital towards important and impactful humanitarian projects. Our charitable endeavors will be advised and managed by a ‘Global Good Award’ recipient and activist who lives what he speaks. 

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