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In the current market, the Metaverse is an isolated digital ecosystem with limited real-world economic outlet; ShapeX exists to bridge that disconnect. As a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, we let our community lead and inspire every decision in providing early-stage startups with support to accelerate leading IT, DeFi and blockchain projects. Together we are pioneers in connecting the physical and digital world for the future generation.

Asset Monetization

The NFT, digital land and crypto market has grown exponentially, and even with tens of billions of dollars in capital already invested, sustainability remains to be the largest concern. ShapeX solves this problem with our decentralized ecosystem of products and services. The entities we power present digital assets owners with monetization opportunities that generate passive income with real-world transactions.

Blockchain DAE & Token

We leverage blockchain technology to bring transparency, equity, and access to market participants. Our team has developed unique channels to optimize the use of resources while staying true to the values of stakeholder capitalism. The DAE we have created is a combination of the DAO framework while integrating a traditional venture capital model. Within our ecosystem we are able to leverage communities to support businesses that develop products and services they believe in and are willing to support. The utility token integrated into all the entities that ShapeX engages with allows for our collective to benefit from the real world transactions generated.

Redistribution of wealth

Crypto alone has resulted in the largest and fastest redistribution of wealth in all recorded history. However, we strongly believe the nascent digital asset space, including NFTs and digital land, will soon far exceed this trend. For too long, centralized control has limited creator rights to generating fair value for their assets; ShapeX is positioned to change this through our Decentralized Autonomous Ecosystem.

Strategic Partnerships

To remain at the forefront of the market, our strategic partners allow us to share resources and expertise, and grow and innovate at an accelerated rate. ShapeX’s partnerships span across complementary industries, which has allowed us to achieve economies of scale within our ecosystem; each entity adding value to the next. Additionally, our team includes experts and advisors in blockchain, De-Fi, NFTS, marketing, venture capital, finance, project management, and fashion. ShapeX can also offer extensive reach to specialized talent through our vast network in the industry.


Our team and community are passionate about making radical change in the world by consciously allocating capital towards important and impactful humanitarian projects. Our charitable endeavors will be advised and managed by a ‘Global Good Award’ recipient and activist who lives what he speaks. We collectively have a strong desire to promote the welfare of others and support causes that change lives.

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