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We're looking for talented Shapers to join us!

Our team spirit looks a lot like entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for world-class technology and design. We are a diverse team of leaders with backgrounds in ecommerce, fashion, marketing, finance, eocnomics, baking and break dancing.


Passionate & Creative Problem Solvers

We are intensely focused and mission based and we believe that commerce is a force for good. By breaking down the barriers to building a business, we aim to empower more communities around the world both economically and culturally.


We build the products and services that support ambitious entrepreneurs to start or scale their businesses and expand globally. Our relentless commitment to our partners lies at the heart of our approach to problem solving. We work a little differently but we think that makes space for the challenges and risks that pave the way for real growth.

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Come Work With Us!

Thanks for Applying!

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