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About Us

ShapeX is a Decentralized Autonomous Ecosystem of entities providing goods and services that bridge the Metaverse and physical world. We are a dynamic idea validator and resource allocator. Our framework powers businesses on our blockchain-based system that enables our community to coordinate and govern the platform. Together we are shaping the Metaverse and beyond.

The first step for entrepreneurs to join ShapeX is to request an acceleration and/or funding for their project. The ShapeX team will then assess the opportunity, and if the idea is validated, funding and a dedicate team will be allocated to grow and scale the project.

ShapeX’s current projects consolidates three complementary markets into a single business opportunity. Through our genesis NFT collection, our community will be able to invest in the Metaverse and capitalize on passive revenue streams. Currently, our core entities are MetAds, Mintouge, and Freemocracy, providing our investor with market exposure in advertising, fashion and luxury, and real-estate rental industries. Additionally, our Decentralized Organizational Structure promotes transparency, ingenuity and direct ownership of digital assets, driven by our community of industry experts and creators.

Our Vision

Our vision is to leverage blockchain technology to disrupt industries by decentralizing the creation and ownership of digital and physical assets. ShapeX is bridging the Metaverse and physical world to support real people and economies. We strive to find the most talented specialists in the field and accelerate leading projects in IT, DeFi and blockchain industries.


ShapeX also offers an opportunity to our investors to be part of a unique collective building and shaping the Metaverse. Our community will be able to invest in ShapeX and earn passive income. Out ecosystem allows users to stake their NFTs with Mintouge to create unique fashion collections; advertise their digital assets in the Metaverse with MetAds; and experience and rent space in an immersive shopping complex. 


Furthermore, our genesis NFT collection will generate a native token that will be used for all purchases and income earned by our community. It will also be available to trade on a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be pioneers in shaping the Metaverse and beyond. In the current market, the Metaverse exists in an isolated ecosystem lacking real world transactions, and we’re here to bridge that disconnect. 


For too long centralized control of user-generated content has limited creator rights, ownership and trading of virtual goods, thus restricting owners from generating fair value for their assets. Our goal is to overcome these limitations while accelerating blockchain adoption. We will achieve this by building an ecosystem for our community to be able to design, collect, trade, advertise and monetize their assets without central authority. We guarantee secure ownership supported by immutable blockchain technology and also reward our community with cryptocurrency in the form of our native token; United In Metaverse (UIM).


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