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From DAO to DAE. 

What is a Decentralised Autonomous Economy

A DAE is a dynamic project validator and capital allocator.


The founders we support are shaping the future of work and human interaction. Our framework leverages the wisdom of the Crowd Theory to validate ideas that successfully generate opportunities for our ecosystem at large. Along with the support of our strategic partnerships, we facilitate early-stage startups with prototype development, team building, and access to our network of Preferred Acceleration Programs (PAPs). 

Additionally, every ShapeX member benefits from direct access to our investor base, networking events, workshops, as well as direct access to our portfolio companies via token gated chatrooms. 


We are an equal opportunity employer and celebrate diversity. We are committed to backing founders and building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds including race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, and disability status. The success of our work depends on being inclusive.

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Strategic Partnership


ShapeX leverages blockchain technology to bring transparency, equity, and access to market participants. At our core, ShapeX operates as a traditional accelerator, but the DAE that we have created is a combination of the DAO framework, allowing creators to maintain control while leveraging our community of experts and investors to reach collective agreements and accelerate their project. Our team has developed unique channels to
optimize the use of resources while staying true to the values of stakeholder capitalism.

At ShapeX, our vision is to pioneer a new frontier in venture capital, leveraging the transformative powers of blockchain and artificial intelligence to create an equitable, transparent, and efficient platform for dynamic capital allocation. 

We shape the future, together.

We believe in Stakeholder Capitalism

Stakeholder capitalism is our organizing principal that drives all our business decisions, with people at the centre. While we seek to optimize short term profits for shareholders, we prioritize long term value creation taking into account the needs of all stakeholders. Among the key stakeholders are customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and local communities.


Under this system, ShapeX's purpose is to allocate human and financial capital to disruptive ideas lead by real people. Our community are collective decision makers, angel investors and industry shapers of the future, rewarded with opportunities that bridge the the digital and physical world.

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The businesses we power bridge the gap between Metaverse and Real World by creating a decentralized economy that generates value for both worlds with a revenue share model that rewards our NFT investors with a passive income.

Bridging the gap between Metaverse and Real World.

Shopping Mall - Metaverse

Shopify Model

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